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The ptf GlobalTymeTM Multi Function GPS Receiver provides extraordinary stability in a highly flexible approach to utilizing the caesium stability of the GPS satellite system. Available in both 1U (3203A) and 2U (3204A) versions, the GlobalTymeTM can be configured as a high performance frequency standard, a comprehensive time standard or both.

            Frequency standard performance is application tailored with a range of local oscillator options (OCXO, Ultra Low Noise, Rubidium & High Performance Rubidium). The GlobalTymeTM is equipped with one 10MHz RF output (1MHz and 5MHz available as options). Additional options for telecommunications signals of E1 or T1 clock are also available. Internal fitted RF distribution can be added to provide up to 8 (3203A) or 20 (3204A) outputs.

            For timing, synchronization and time keeping applications the unit provides IRIG, 1 PPS and NTP (optional). The 1 PPS output is accurate to within <20ns of UTC (USNO).

            Optional 1PPS input offers system redundancy or simply alternative master reference inputs to the internal GPS if desired.

            For monitoring and control the unit houses an Ethernet interface (RJ-45) with various protocols suited to different user needs, from a simple Telnet interface to a fully web-driven browser interactive interface.


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  • GPS Tracking: 12 parallel channels
  • Acquisition Time: <1.5 minutes (warm start)
  • Accuracy (1PPS): <20ns
  • Holdover: <0.2 micro seconds/day (Rb opt) 100/10 Base T ethernet
  • NTP (optional), Telnet, TCP/IP, FTP
  • Monitor/Control i/f
  • Alarm indicator and output 1MHz, 5MHz o/p options
  • GPS Antenna & 50 Ft. Cable Included Available in 1U (3203A) & 2U (3204A)




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